Italian Rice Croquettes – Arancini – Rice Balls Recipe


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  1. BAD CHEF, BAD!!!! Sadly, those are not 'arancini'…they look totally different, they could at most be considered 'supplì'…'supplì' are made in Rome, 'arancini' in Sicily (and there's kind of a Jihad between Palermo and Catania about whether they should be called 'arancini' or 'arancine'…)

  2. 3:00 that's why you don't let confused old people make you food:
    you don't want wound secretion in it.
    billy is like the guy in a zombie movie who got bitten but doesn't tell anyone…
    until he has infected everyone else…thanks billy

  3. People need to know that in Italy every 10 km… dialect changing and so the food, and anyone does cook differently, Italy is a food country, they feed the the world, they always done it, aaintaining the own recipes from town to town anyone cook in the way they want. varying as they likes
    i am italian and i know very much their habits and how the italian people eat Ciao…..

  4. Subscribers, don t you understand that chefs try to be original . Ok they are not like the usual arancini but hey, that s why we follow chefs so we learn to be original not the same food as ever. Even our arancini are different but I want to try different flavors and ingredients . I like to try them with pork shoulders cut in small pieces obviously

  5. My Mother does a version of this that is fantastic she use's a minute a rice but cooks it in cream of chicken condensed soup she adds shredded Ham, chili flakes lets that mixer cool an forms balls 3/4 the size of a base ball but puts a peace of Mozzarella in the centre of it then flattens them slightly eggs them breads them in Italian bread crumbs an deep fries them WARS have been started in are family for these things.

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