Italian Recipes – How to Make Gnocchi


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  1. I've watched a bunch of videos and read alot on the web about how to make Gnocchi and it seems like you break every law there is when it comes to how to make Gnocchi…

  2. Also, my question is if you wanted to serve this later could you leave the uncooked gnocci in the fridge for a few hours, then boil it when your sauce is done? Or would you cook them, then somehow try to heat them up when the sauce/dinner is ready?

  3. Don't serve this to any real gnocchi-lover, especially if he/she is Italian! Bleah!
    Good gnocchis have to contain as little flour as possible (250 g MAX for 1 kg potatoes), and the mix is made when the potatoes are steaming HOT – the cooler they are, the more flour they absorb and the resulting gnocchis can easily be used for playing golf.
    And no egg. 

  4. this recipe is a joke,  when making gnocchi you must use a ricer not a masher,  that is way too much flour and where is the salt to flavor it,?   the person in this video puts forth no effort when mashing or putting the recipe together,  definitely not well composed

  5. Thanks. Came out perfect.but the quantity(2pounds) were too much than needed . Also 1&1/2 flour was enough for the dough . Thanks:-) (did it with basic marinara &cheese)

  6. Thank you for your questions! We have a number of tomato sauce recipes on our site. You can try Fresh Tomato Basil Sauce or Spicy Roasted Tomato Sauce. For the dough, the consistency should pliable, not-sticky and smooth – similar to playdough. Enjoy!

  7. Hi.. which sauce did u use? Because what u showed in the video looked really delish.Also when mixing flour into potato what should be the consistency of the dough?

  8. There are hundreds of variations in making gnocchi. We made this one and loved it! There is no right or wrong to a recipe – try them all until you find the one that suits your tastes the best!

  9. For those complaining this recipe "isn't right". Why don't you take your own time to make a video. You saying this is incorrect, doesn't do anything other than make you look like a douche. If you don't have your own video on making gnocchi you're nothing but hot sir

  10. Im atempting this as we speak. I did not follow exact measurements because that would be a lot of a first time try anyway.. Ill report how it turned out, great vid… I dont understand why people who already know how to make gnochi whatch your how to vids and complain that its all wrong o.O

  11. I've always used Chef John's version… one large potato (or two or three small), a pinch of salt, half a cup of flour and one egg. It's delicious and a no fail recipe.

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