ITALIAN PEPPERS AND EGGS | Capsicum Recipes (Pipindun e Ove) | Easy Breakfast Recipes


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  1. Eggs for breakfast in Italy? We just went to Rome, Grosetto, Monticello Amiata, Florence, Siena, and Venice. None of the Zias had eggs for breakfast. Only cafe or Orzo and pastries and fruit.

  2. Oh man Vincenzo, outstanding and simple dish, I love to see the videos when you cook with your father, reminds me of when I use to barbeque with my dad. Great looking and simple dish, will have to try this one Saturday morning with a little vino…..LOL Great video as always my friend.

  3. Grande Amico mio
    tu ed il grande Paolo non siete solo padre e figlio ma una coppia incredibile che prepara piatti squisiti.
    Qui in Abruzzo aspettiamo solo il tuo ritorno per GODERE della tua cucina
    un grande abbraccio

  4. Reminds me of Shakshuka in my culture. But love the concept of peppers versus tomatoes–and omg the scenery is unbelievable! Wish I was sitting with you guys and sharing, looks like heaven!

  5. Vincenzo, this beautiful dish reminds me of "eggs in purgatory," except using peppers instead of tomatoes. What an enticing, irresistible masterpiece that also happens to be low in carbohydrates! Very nicely videoed! Your camera person did an outstanding job and your editing is superb! Bravo!

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