ITALIAN MEATBALLS RECIPE | How to Make Italian Meatballs Vincenzo's Kitchen Basics


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  1. Vincenzo I think I am speechless, this is an amazing meatball recipe, I thought mine was good, now I need to rethink this. Outstanding demonstration of how to correctly do meatballs the Italian way!

  2. Vincenzo, can u mix beef with pork or veal? My dad taught me to deep fry them then add them to the sauce and let it simmer. My grandparents from Sicily. Is this americanized?

  3. Looking for Italian bakes and your channel came up after watching this video I am hooked .thanks for sharing your content. I like my meatballs on the medium side shallow fried will the bread in the meat mixture.

  4. I had the privilege to live in San Vito Dimonti, It is outside of Brendisi. I lived there for 3 years and made many friends. I am especially fond of Nona because most of the women that I meant that cooked for me were Nona's. Other women as well families as well…… wonderful. I married there and I'm so happy I did. I just wanted to say that Vincenzo and Nona has made me feel at home in my own place here in North Carolina. I enjoyed her cooking and I admire her so much it makes me miss Italy too much. We cook Italian often very often and I enjoy your recipes so I the ones I forgot I'm reminded of it can still cook thanks very much tiamo Nona! 😊

  5. Hi Vincenso. Just wanted to say I cooked these amazing meatballs tonight for me and my wife and they were abolutely delicious! So soft and succulent and perfect! This is now one of our favourites ( next to Toscani chicken) Keep up the good work my friend. Ciao!

  6. This is the very best meatball recipe I have ever seen, I have known many Italians; this is very easy to follow and it seems to always yield the perfect meatball. VERY helpful- It basically, takes four recipes I have gathered from the wonderful helpful chefs I have had the honor of meeting (most were grandmothers and great grandmothers) who had to help the southern american girl learn how to do it right! I have been watching for sometime but this video was the main one that made me 'commit' and subscribe. You are a remarkable chef and after reviewing my recipes, I must say this is 'bellissimo'! I hope I got that right- my Italian cooking is better than my attempts at the language. In any case, I wanted to let you know that you are such a blessing! I love watching your videos and the fact you include the recipe at the bottom is just wonderful! So many fail to do that- and to be honest, you are currently my 'go-to' chef for Italian here on YouTube.

    If I may ask two questions- why the potatoes? I have seen this a few times and usually I am told it is because you NEVER serve meatballs with pasta- And the potatoes is used to provide a starch to aid in the lovely flavor/thicken the sauce. Is this your reasoning? Also, carrots seem to come out a little softer in my sauce- I don't wanted almost 'stewed' but more like yours- is this because of the age of the carrot? Are you using very fresh carrots? I tend to 'get around' to my carrots a few days after I buy them. I am just wanting it to come out just like yours.

    Thank you SO GREATLY! You are an amazing chef and person- you always make me smile and hungry! ^^ Thank you for your time as you read this. ^^ Can't wait for another video! ^_^

  7. Hello Vincenzo! Just enjoyed watching the meatball recipe episode! I plan on trying it myself! What is this dish called? I never saw potatoes & carrots in a gravy (sauce) as my family called it!

  8. Vincenzo prova a bagnare il pane intero nel latte e poi prendere solo la mollica. Mia nonna mette un cubetto di provola nel centro delle polpette cosi da farle filare una volta cotte. fammi sapere se lo provi.. un abbraccio

  9. i don't fry mine first. I just plop them in the sauce and they cook along with it. The juices, yes, and the oils from the meat blen with the sauce to make a rich, colourful sauce. The richer the colour I make home made gnocchi to go with it….yummy

  10. Thank you Vincenzo these meatballs look delicious! do you like Mint in your meatballs(thats how my italian-american family has learned to makes them)? Also have you ever tried soaking the bread in milk instead of water for a richer meatball? Thanks again, I can't wait to make these.!

  11. Vincenzo, this is such a great recipe! I am by no means experienced in the kitchen and I tried this recipe yesterday. I messed it up…but guess what. This was amazing even messed up! Grazie!

  12. Your recipe looks delicious. My parents are from Gaeta.I was born there but came when I was very young….my mom made her meatballs without spaghetti..never had spaghetti with meatballs. Polpetti are best on there own. what is different is the potatoes. Will try your recipe.

  13. Vicenzo. I had been in Italy and most of Europe. That was an education and taught so much about art, music, family and food and also be very proud of my heritage. Like you I am dissapointed with people even chefs that don't respect the European Cuisine and the Italian one in this case. Most the time they put some weird stuff that ruin the recipes all together. So continue sharing your recipes , please. Do you have any recipes from Vicenza that you could share with us? Thank you for your respond. Love and Sucess in 2016 to you and your family. Amore da Austin , Texas.😊

  14. Never tried potatoes in the sauce, but I agree veal is better than beef. My father was from Vicenza and my grandmother made homepasta and the best pizza ever. She also made a special tomato sauce to die for. Always fresh simple ingredients, good wine, Parmiggiano. Here in America , most people don't know how to prepare italian food. Love the videos. Ciao.

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