ITALIAN LEMON COOKIES | The Easiest Homemade Lemon Biscuits | Italian Food Recipes


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  1. A long time ago maybe 9 years I used to live in a duplex and my neighbor was a old Italian lady she always baked and gave us some kind of biscuits that reminded me of these i mm trying to finda similar recipe. We always used to shovel the driveways and pathways in the winter

  2. Hello Vince , Just passing by sweetie to view another one your wonderful recipes, . Awe and your jacket fits well my friend to your video Thumps Up, , Ha , Ha, You made me smile seeing you in yellow , I will have to try making your new recipe soon , looks Yummy ,….. Question my friend…. do you have a good recipe for making…… Italian Cabbage Rolls, …. My Italian friend was asking me to ask you and I could not see a video of you making them.. …. Take care my friend and Thumps Up on your amazing recipe , Your friend Joyful Joy ..

  3. I mean I need to start wearing clothes that matches mah food..dangit Vincenzo, yer making it hard for a girl who only wears black….guess I could make black beans….

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