Italian Lasagna Recipe | The BEST Homemade Lasagna | Italian Food Recipes


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  1. Vicenzo. Mia Nonna was from Bologna but she cooked different dishes specially ravioli with ricotta and spinach on a marinara sauce, stuffed bell peppers, antipasto, any kind of homemade pasta and my father , polenta plain , or with sausage and marinara sauce , Pasticcio de polenta, so many dishes. Maybe one day I could share them on Youtube. My oldest son David is going to the Escoffier Culinary School to become a chef. I a so proud of him. Austin is the best city for foodies and BBQ is a most. Best restaurant fo BBQ is Franklin's. Maybe one day you and your wife could come to Texas and we could take you both out to try it. I am looking for to see your Nonna cooking with you. Ciao. Amore da Texas.

  2. hi Vincenzo.  thank you for your recipe.  one thing is missing though…the RICOTTA!!! To me it is not lasagna without ricotta….yours looks very tasty but could be better with the ricotta.  Had to tell you….but thank you again…you were fun to watch!!

  3. Looks great!  I love the porcini in it, too.  I'm surprised no besciamella, but this looks delicious.  And please do make a timballo just like your nonna makes it!  With crespelle?

  4. Ah,another great take on on of my and many others favorite,LASAGNA!!!! I have never made it with mushrooms and will certainly give it a try. It looks delicious and i can tell by your eyes it tastes great even if you didn't say a word!I have made it with a bit o ricotta on each layer for as you know everything tastes better with cheese. In this case I just pumped up the cheese factor a notch. Oh, one more thing is that I use Pecorino instead of Parmigiano which is just my preference as I like the bite. All in all your shows and recipes are wonderful and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year, in your shorts! Caio Vincenzino Vanasco 

  5. Looks SO delicious!  Wish I wasn't in the midst of packing to move in a few days, or I would make this tonight!  Please, show us how your Grandmother makes her lasagna; I bet it's tasty, too!  

  6. Gorgeous lasagna! I'm going to try this! Thanks for the great recipe! Also thanks for the pumpkin pie recipe, made it last month and it was delicious, no left overs😀 ps: Happy Christmas to you & your family too!🎄

  7. Naaaa… it is hot here in Brasil too 😉
    You got a really beautiful place over there huh?
    Never used porcini and tomato sauce together…. guess now I will have to try it 🙂
    Thank you for the recipe and the so well done video!

  8. That looks delectable.  I make it almost the same way but I add a little bechamel sauce between the layers too.
    You have to make your grandmothers timballo recipe.  I'd love to see that version with the crepes.
    You really should try to get your wife on here.  Your subscribers will skyrocket.  🙂  

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