Italian homemade sun dried tomatoes


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  1. I live in a third floor of an apartment building 😭 I think my only hope will be the oven method, if I leave something near my window it will end in some neighbor car… Windy in here.

  2. My friend thank you for this, this summer I will try to do the same. Also, thank you to Luciana, your mother-in-law for this recipe. I bet she is a great cook, maybe we will see more from her. Do you live in south of Italy? Can I visit you? :))

  3. I love it Italian food is the best thank very much for you teaching us those delicious yummy recipes I follow you and I leave you a thumbs up !! 👍😉🥰

  4. Italian people are so passionate for good food, and I love their food, this tomatoes takes so long to be done, Oh my God! I use to make in different way. Italy is the perfect place to eat, love them!

  5. Ciao! Excellent receipt (as many from your channel). One question: Do you keep the tomatoes outside during the night, or should I bring them inside and then put outside the next morning? Grazie mille!

  6. These will dry in one day in Indian summer😁. I wish parmesan cheese was easily available everywhere in India(available only in metro cities) so I can make myself some dried tomato and basil pasta

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