Italian Grandma Makes Pizza Fritta


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  1. My Nana would fry up leftover dough & coat it in cinnamon sugar, sometimes just powdered sugar. It’s so simple, yet so darn good! It’s always grandmas who have the best ideas in the kitchen. I adore your videos, your delicious recipes. Thank you so much for sharing your talents, wisdom & history w/us. You are so very much appreciated ❤️

  2. So many of these recipes and the way you make them are exactly as my grandma and mom made. However, some I didn’t learn because I was too young when they both passed away to know how. I have your videos to help me. Thank you so much for bringing back the memory of watching them. I would love to see a video of you making the salsa and maybe the Easter cake? Thanks again! Jill

  3. I can watch you all day Gina! You are so adorable …..just like my mom. You bring so much love into the world through your amazing cooking and baking. I just love you Gina! Uno grande abbraccio!

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