Italian Grandma Makes Manicotti


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  1. Gina I’m going to make this dish when I get the time . I’m amazed at your memories and achievements along with your cooking skills. I love to cook for my friends That appreciate Italian meals . My favorite that I make is crab gravy with blue crab ,now that their in season and full of meat on the east coast.
    Your videos are now my favorite to watch❤️ and your recipes and techniques fantastic.👌 You should publish a cook book, if you did please tell me where
    I can Buy a copy please. Thank you ,God Bless

  2. I love watching her cook.. brings back memories of cooking in the kitchen with my grandmother Anna.. My mom is the same age as you are.. if she and my grandmother were here we would be cooking this.. but playing this and making it along side you makes me feel I am in the kitchen with them.. great memories.. Bless your family… carry on the tradition..

  3. For the batter with its mixture of milk, eggs and flour. Well, the problem is giving precise measures!

    A lot depends on the eggs and their size! Furthermore a lot depends on the flour: How much moisture does the flour absorb.

    The real lesson is to see what consistency the batter must have to make it able to cover the pan without being to thick.

    I have no doubt it tastes delicious. In principle the dish is very simple with affordable ingredients. What makes the difference is the experience of the cook.

  4. And Gina I am so interested in the way you made this Manicotti, I love the way you make a lot too as for me I would freeze one of them. This looks delicious and yes, a lot of love went into your preparation. I love to hear your stories btw I just can’t imagine you working in a factory ? ..but, making cookies and cakes yes , but you would have done very well with a authentic Italian restaurant as all the recipes I’ve made of yours are delicious and for the 3rd time I’ve made your stuffed peppers lol as we just love those and other of your recipes too. Thank you for this recipe as it’s next for me to try. You are so wonderful thank you Ms Gina 😊

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