ITALIAN GRANDMA Makes CHICKEN CUTLETS (Cotoletta Recipe) | Italian Schnitzel Recipe


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  1. That is a beautiful meal for a gorgeous family. I have to try putting the lemon in with the eggs. It's a great idea. I can't believe your aunt is 96. It's a testament to the power of good food and family. Nonna did a wonderful job. You have the best looking family around.

  2. Every time I watch your videos, especially the ones with your Nonna, I start to cry happy tears. I remember my Nonna and my Bisnonna and my mother and I all in the kitchen cooking when I was a little girl. We would make Cotoletta all the time! And my Bisnonna would make it almost exactly the same as your Nonna does. Thank you so much for sharing, and grazie, Nonna Igea for being so wonderful and sharing your food with us. 🙂

  3. Madò! Mi piace tantissimo vedere alla tua nonna cucinare! È una buona nonna, davvero! Allora, anche qui cuciniamo le cotolette di pollo, ma lo chiamano ''Pechuga ( petto (di pollo)) empanada (della parola Pane)''. Un abbraccio alla nonna e anche a te! 😀

  4. Your gonna is an amazing cook Vincenzo! I can see where you get your talent from :). She does a wonderful job in front of the camera and it's so nice to meet other members of your family! Makes me feel like I'm back in Italy for a moment :).

  5. Hello Nonna! So glad to see you on the channel!
    My grandmother was from Austria and we often made Schnitzel when I was growing up. I love it so much. It is a Christmas tradition in my house to make them every Christmas Eve using veal. Loved this video! xoxo

  6. Vincenzo I speak fluent Spanish, it's funny I can pick up a lot of what you're saying. Nonna did a beautiful job, frying up those chicken cutlets. Salad looked amazing, with those heirloom tomatoes, or are they something special from Australia? Beautiful family, beautiful food!

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