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  1. Certo che, Vincenzo, viene voglia di mangiare tutte queste prelibatezze che ci fai vedere e…poi bisogna fare la traversata oceanica a nuoto per smaltire, ah, ah, scherzo! Bellissimo video e armonia in famiglia. Il buon cibo unisce creando pace nell'anìmo appagato dai piacevoli sapori. :-)) Pino

  2. Ciao Vincenzo & Suzanne, I would love to come for the dinner & to meet you both but unfortunately I'm unable to make it. I haven't been on ytube for a while now & have at the moment 200 video's to catch up on. Also, I wanted to invite both of you to my place, for coffee & zeppole. I've just started reno's & my place is upside down. I'm sorry about that, maybe next time. This year in October I'm going to Sydney for a few days, if you guys are free we can catch up. God bless you🤗 Ciao Ciao 😎🌞

  3. I’ve Loved your videos for a long long time, can you do the one that is leftover ciabatta with water garlic oil and salt in the oven with pickled aubergines!

  4. Greetings Vincenso! I can certainly reccomend you to anyone who is passionate about real authentic Italian cooking (like me) I made your Lasagna last night. Porcini mushrooms, Mutti in self made tomato sauce, real Mozzarella, Parmisan etc. Turned out scrumptious! Next will be your Nonna's Lasagna wit crepes. Really looking forward to that. You have so many great recipes you share with us. From us thanks my friend and keep up the good work! Ciao!

  5. I was shopping for chopped meat to make hamburgers for today. I grab two packages and my lady friend points out, "That's ground lamb, not beef. Are you going to make lamb burgers?" Not knowing I grabbed ground lamb I pause for a moment… "Yes, I am!"

    Saute' onions and white mushroom in butter and salt. Remove the onions and mushroom and pour the juices back in. Cook the lamb burgers about 4 to 5 minutes per side in the juices with more butter and seasoning. Cook to medium. Let sit in the pan a few minutes to absorb more juice. Toasted Italian buns with Sharp Cheddar slices and toppings. Mmm, mmm, mmmmm!

  6. Imagine being half Italian…your mother’s parents both from Abruzzo…and not being able to enjoy pasta (gluten intolerance) anymore. IT SUCKS – but thanks to your excellent channel I can have a mouthwatering vicarious experience.

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