Instant Rava/Sooji Dosa| Semolina Crepes| Breakfast Recipe


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  1. Nicely presented …. I liked the addition of sugar into it. ..
    Tasted many dosas around india. Speaking to a Chef at ITC hotels he suggested this to me …
    1 portion suji/semolina
    1 portion rice floor
    1/2 portion maida
    1/4 portion of yogurt
    chopped dhania patta, onion and crushed ginger with salt and some sugar. Mix it keep it for 30 min (if time permits) and cook it straight. He refused to spread the batter as its not the traditional way to cook.
    Yours is a bit different but good at its way.

  2. I tried your rava dosa , it did not come out good, it stuck . What should i do to make it good? I made coconut chutney , it was so good . I want dosa too😔

  3. Hi Sweetie, i just watched your rava dosa and I liked it is easy to make. I like your smile. You have an attractive face. I will subscribe to your channel. Will you please subscribe to my channel Curry for the Soul on YouTube to support me? Thanks a lot

  4. Wonderful haii, first of all recipe is quick and fast. Dear i want to know what is the replacement for baking soda. Because i don't want to use baking soda. waiting for the reply. Bye.

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