Instant Ramen with Vegetables Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101


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  1. This is the reason I have a line of 7-8 instant noodle packets next to my cooking oils.
    Quick, easy, inexpensive & super tasty. Plus it’s a good way to use up leftover/spare ingredients.

  2. Japanese: Politely puts noodles into bowl and covers with broth/veggies/shrimp.
    Me: Eats everything out of pot it cooked in….one less dish to wash.

  3. Yeah, every now and then I get a craving for the instant ramen – this will definitely make it healthier. Thanks for the video – love it ! 😊

  4. This is how I normally make my noodles, with vegetables but i dont stir fry the vegetables bt boil it in d hot water with the ramen soup seasoning and the noodles. Done in less than 5mins. Yummsss

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