Indian Style Chicken Recipe Cooking In 10 Minutes


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  1. Guys I tried this recipe at my home, and it turned out extremely well. This is one of the easiest ways of preparing chicken masala. I agree they have forgotten to mention about the meat masala. I mixed the meat masala along with the garam masala and turmeric powder, and then added water to it. One can also replace Meat Masala with Everest Chicken Masala. That gives a unique flavour to the recipe, however I personally liked the meat masala, as it gives an excellent aroma to the entire dish. Great Job Manohar !!
    POST SCRIPT: Let us not waste our time discussing whether it is a bathroom or balcony. The end result is fantastic, and anyways those of us who will prepare this dish will prepare it in our kitchens or a place of our choice. !! Cheers !!

  2. hi madao Bhai je very nice style I like your method and way. mai pahle hotel may chicken khaata that. but jab see Maine aapka video deekha tab se mai chupke se apne balcony may chicken banata hoo aur kisi ko. pata bhii nahii chalata. thanks you so much madao Bhai jee.. great …

  3. pressure cooker look like "made in India" ! but bathroom interior design make me little confused ! why chef wearing mouth mask I understand later ! looks yummy though!

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