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  1. Your voice is so soothing and your personality so humble. I have been watching your all different kind videos and you are such an intelligent and inspiration to thousands of people!!

  2. I recently came across ur videos and being an Indian myself, I am so proud of ur work..!! keep it up , u r inspiration for many people..!

    Because you have influence over so many of your viewers and their eating habits, I have few suggestions:-

    1. One thing that i want to suggest is that please try to use glass containers for packing lunches. When microwaved plastic of any kind (even food grade) releases toxins into food. The more you read the more you will be shocked how harmful plastic is(especially for growing kids)

    2. Please try to use cast iron utensils, these are readily available in US and are healthy alternatives to aluminum.

    3. Please try to use some sort of filter for drinking water. Tap water is not completely safe to consume.

    I have learnt all my lessons the hard way. I request you to please do ur research on all three topics I mentioned and help educate our fellow indians about health hazards of chemicals and plastics and pollutants.

    My best wishes and prayers for ur channel.

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