Indian Lunch Box Ideas – Part 1 | Kids Lunch Box Recipes| Quick Lunch Box


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  1. Hi Mam, today I tried the Paneer and mutigrain roti ladoos , look wise both were good but only concern was with paneer ,it became so tight that my son was not able to eat. For ladoos a big thank you from my family, both my son and hubby liked those a lot. Please keep posting such type of unique ideas.

  2. The look good for lunch and for snack and for breakfast and for dinner who are saying thank you to who mix in the jar with the top ådd more to make it brown you can make it out of the shape of the sandwich

  3. Hi ur recipes r just in time …. All my worries of prantha, lunch box n tea time solved… Wishing u lots n lots of success.. well I have a very silly question hw do we make bread crumbs..??

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