Indian Lunch Box Ideas | Kids Lunch Box Recipes | Quick Lunch Box


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  1. Listen…DON'T Cook in Aluminium Cooker/Aluminium vessels, because on heating the Aluminium erodes into the food which when YOU eat damages the inner intestines and other harmful effects. Safest is earthenware ( mud vessels both to cook and to eat ) or use a stainless steel Cooker ok. God bless you blissfully with good healthy Life.

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  2. Awesome! I am not Indian and I was wondering if anyone can't point me to a video or recipie for the wheat dough she uses at the beginning? As well, can anyone tell me what she is referring to as yoghurt? I only know yoghurt to be sweet and very thick (greek yoghurt) but this looks thinner and savory. Is this a special type? Thanks!

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