Indian Chicken Masala Recipe by Lalit Kumar | Spicy Indian Chicken Gravy Recipes


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  1. The colour of the chicken curry really looks nice. the way u cooked i think definitely it will taste good. I will try. whichever INDIAN you r Mr.Lalith ur chicken spicy curry I liked it. TQ.

  2. I am having it now and cooked on very slow flame as you said. I can say this is the best chicken recipe I have ever made without using too much oil and masala. And it taste great when it is not hot. Subscribed :)

  3. Just want to give a suggestion if you're going to have this with roti/chapati/bread do not add water because the fresh chicken will lose a good amount of water and without water it will taste sooooooooo good. And yes, cook on slow flame.

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