INCREDIBLE Vegan Fall Recipes! {beef-less stew}


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  1. Hey sorry guys, I made 2 wording mistakes! Been under a lot of pressure and deadlines and I mixed up some of the names of what I was cooking with which you guys have already left comments on. Clearly celery, clearly rosemary, equally, you can also use thyme and leeks in this recipe if you want too xxxxx my bad!

  2. Beginner here. What should the oven be preheated to for the squash? 400? Also, I'm confused about the times. You said the squash would be 15 minutes, but then you said the cherry tomatoes would take 20 minutes so put them in at the end of the butternut squash cooking. But that doesn't figure if you're trying to take them out at the same time which seemed to be what you were implying. Also, the recipe for this is not contained in the link., so I don't know how much of anything there should be. I'm guessing and well, like I said, I'm a beginning home cook. Thanks, Rachel.

  3. Hahahahahaha!!! I paused the video to type my question and as soon as I started it back up, you answered it!!! That's HYSTERICAL! I like you method though of washing the day you buy so they dry before you're ready to use. Sweet!

  4. Some say to not wash the mushrooms because they can take on unwanted extra moisture. What do you think? I made some fried chik'n with them once. I washed them and patted them dry as best I could. But these particular mushrooms didn't see dirty at all…nothing in the folds or whatever. So…yeh. Whadayathink?

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