Ina Garten Vs. Chrissy Teigen: Whose Roast Chicken Recipe Is Better?


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  1. People are complaining about how can salt alone beat compound butter. It's simple: salt is a flavor enhancer. It brings out the umami of the meat. Not only that, but we naturally crave it.
    We use salt in things like brines because it penetrates the meat deeply and seasons from the inside out. No matter how much butter and herbs you put in the chicken, it's going to melt and run off in the oven. It's not gonna season anything because that salt goes along with it.
    Try it. Do a dry brine by salting the chicken inside and out. Let it sit uncovered in the fridge on a wire rack overnight. Add nothing else except maybe pepper. Bake it and see how juicy and flavorful it is. Bonus: the skin will crisp because the salt pulls the moisture out of the skin, adding more texture, flavor and complexity to the dish. 🍗🍗🍗

  2. You do not have to put salt under the skin to make it taste better, sometimes less is better, and besides that golden brown color is how a chicken suppose to look like..the other chicken looked too raw for my taste..

  3. Chrissy's chicken looks pale you guys sabotaged her chicken recipe, as for flavor? Chrissy's looks like it will taste better. That little bit of sprinkle on top of Ina's chicken? Nah…that is not the way Ina seasones her chicken Ina makes sure the inside cavity is well seasoned. Why are certain people afraid to season their meat properly?

  4. Y’all tripping seasoning doesn’thave to be in a powdered form to be useful. Ina’s chicken had a great combination of flavors. All you have to do is base the chicken in the juices from the pan. And it was crisper.

  5. How could anyone possibly like Ina's chicken? She didn't even cover every square inch of the bird with spices that are strong enough to completely disguise or obliterate any natural chicken flavor!!!

  6. uhm, why does it look like the dumb people at delish undercooked chrissy's chicken?? it looked so pale! especially considering all the added butter to it, it's like they set her out to fail

  7. I love Ina but there is no way that her chicken tastes better than Chrissy’s. Her only seasonings on the bird is salt and pepper…AND she doesn’t even season the actual meat itself. Sure Chrissy’s bird needs more color but that’s an easy enough fix.

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