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  1. Are you serious NONE of their wishes came true?!?! And it seem pretty weird how none of their parents got worried their children were gone th whole day without warning i was expecting a search but

  2. Those kids were adorable. And Japan gives much more freedom to its kids, apparently. Loved it, but it was a little bittersweet. Definitely needed a tissue box nearby.

  3. Latch key kids raising themselves eating Horsemeat. Irresponsible parents, drunken parents. It's a good thing Japan refused to take refugees from other countries who view children alone as easy prey for pedofilia or sex trafficking. Our kids can't run free & innocent anymore because we do have preditors who have no National pride in this country & therefore no compunction in harming our kids and us. Evil preditory Gangs like MS13 & others (who scare even our home grown gangs, this came from the leader of the Crips!) roaming our streets committing atrosities. Americans are paying dearly in many many ways. We have upwards of 330 MILLION Iligal's in this country, It costs Taxpayer's 250 Billion dollars each year for welfare, free medical (they can walk into any hospital & get free care! Can you do that?), free housing up to $2,500 a month for rent!, food stamps and on top of that + did you know an iligal gets $850 In Cash every month for each child under the age of 18? Its a business to them. (Many don't care a hoot about the kids. The kids run wild, half clothed. I see them in my neighborhood hair wild, unbathed and underfed! Zero supervision.) They come here & breed to get FREE CASH on top of all the other things they get at the expense of American Taxpayer's. 💰) Free schools K-12 meanwhile, our kids are getting a substandard education. Gone are the extra programs in learning that would help our kids get a leg up in the world. It's all going to teach these iligal's English & bring THEM up to speed educationally! Not our kids. Our kids are failing because all the focus is on iligals. I know because I used to be in education.) Huge discounts on University educations that we the Taxpayer's make up the difference for. Prisons 26% of all felons are iligals., Extra police, firemen, social workers and many are getting iligally obtained medicare! And everyone wonders why Medicare is in trouble…well duh! The out of control Iligal population impact's us in Lower wages for Americans as well. Because the iligals who work will work for far less money( under the table because only legal citizens can legally obtain a SS# so when you hear someone say iligals pay taxes they're full of BS! They may pay taxes on products they buy here but that type of tax is like a drop of water in a lake.) This drives our wages down overall because in order to compete for jobs, American Citizens have to accept less in wages! The list goes on and on. We have needy Deserving Americans who should be getting help, but they are turned away. Elderly (had one down the street from me, her husband died so she lost his pension and only had a small pension herself 400 a month and another 300 in SS. Try feeding yourself & paying your utilities & medical insurance & medical bills on 700.00 a month! & She can't get any help because she gets a measly $700.00 so I bring her food & give her rides when she needs to go somewhere. & Lots of hugs! She's 80 & losing her eyesight and her only child died of cancer 40 years ago. She's alone with a small dog. This isn't isolated! There are countless people who genuinely can't work who need help! Americans who need other stronger Americans to fight for them!!!. ), disabled, Veteren's, At Risk Kids in need of mentoring programs, Drug Addicts, Who get their drugs from gangs who smuggle dope here to INFECT OUR KID'S. We Are 21 Trillion in Debt. We cannot support more Iligal's, we cannot support the ones we already have! Our people should come first!
    I wish we had BORDERS like Japan does! Ocean all around us for days… But I'll take a GREAT BIG HUGE WALL& armed border patrol & solders to police that border! I'll take that and a National Voter ID with SS# & Finger print For ALL American Citizens! A crack down on ANY state that allows 1 single Iligal to receive social services of ANY kind or Jobs! Zero $💰in Aid & Federal Criminal Prosecutions for Anyone aiding and abetting iligals to live off of American citizens, like leeches, any more. And this includes social workers & hospitals & Schools! President Trump is asking for 5 billion to build that Wall. That is a drop in the bucket compared to the $250 BILLION iligals cost us each year! We are 21 Trillion in USA Debt. Build the Wall Mr. President! I proudly Support President Trump! God bless & protect you & Good Angel's surround you & your Family & Patriots helping you to rebuild & protect, These UNITED State's of America! In the blood of Christ Jesus I Pray every single day. Amen, Amen, Amen🙌♥️🇺🇸

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