I TRIED SHOPPING PLASTIC-FREE IN LIDL // zero waste lunch recipes


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  1. As someone who spends half of their year in Sweden, this was so useful (and the Aldi vid was perfect for when I'm in Australia). I'm always grateful for international creators. I love US zero wasters, of course, but there's no shortage of resources for North America, comparatively. Side note: Even though I've been plant-based for 15 years now, I still find these, "What I Eat" videos SO HELPFUL, and they've really inspired my cooking routine and freshened up my meal-making lately. Please continue doing them! Everyone just has a different autopilot instinct for cooking, and yours is different enough to be interesting but also similar enough that I just love everything. <3

  2. I don’t know how it is in Denmark, but here in Finland Lidl weighs your veggies and fruit at the cash register so there’s no sticker. Makes buying vegetables SO much easier when you don’t have to run back and forth remembering the numbers for everything!

  3. Sorry, i am going to write this in danish; Blomkålen kan du tage og skære ud i store skiver, smør dem ind i olie og kryddere dem med blandt andet hvidløg (pulver), salt, peber, ingefær (stødt, pulver) og en god del paprika… bag dem i oven ved 200 grader fra 30 til 45 min.. og servere dem med noget hummus eller ligne

  4. NOOOO don't let the bread touch the basket, it it veery dirty and full of bacteria, use a cloth bag (in Spain thats what we use when we go to the bakery, and it seems that the bread lasts longer in a cloth bag)

  5. I am from Germany, and our Lidl is absolutely amazing. A lot of free package veggies and fruit, and even a lot of meat substitute packet in cardboard with just a tiny foil on it. There's even a vegan frozen pizza which is actually amazing! And it is a lot cheaper I think…

  6. Think about how all the vegetables and fruits are shipped… – in plastic. So even if you're buying "plastic free" all the products from abroad once have been wrapped in plastic…

  7. 21 euro's!!! That's a lot.. But indeed the nuts probably where not cheap.. But still that's a lot of money for that amount of food. Anyway really liked this video because we have a lidl as well so I feel inspired to go shopping there and buy more package free stuff. And omg I would love to see a video like this from the Aldi because we have that here in the Netherlands as well!!

  8. Well Lidl is not expensive, but of course if you want a better quality product, or something without plastic, you might need to pay a bit more. Also the nuts and the sweet potato alone bring the price up high already. In Germany for a normal week I pay for the 2 of us around 80-100 Euro (in Lidl or Aldi), depending on what I am planning to cook. Sometimes it is less of course. But we always try to choose the bio/fair trade/better quality products.

  9. Great video. You say the cost is 165 DKK, but the receipt says 156DKK. Sadly it is more expensive to buy package free in Denmark, so I’m not that surprised. Try Rema 1000, they’re so great😄

  10. BrusKetta..not brushetta
    Anyhow..Love ur video. I live in Italy and there aren't most supermarkets shown by youtubers. But there's Lidl Here so I really enjoyed this video.

  11. I live in Ireland and Lidl stores stopped selling bulk nuts about a year ago. I heard it was related to people who have nut allergies but I can't be sure. It is interesting to see they are still in the Danish stores.

  12. wow some people are so judgy in your comment section. you're obviously doing your best and definitely more than 99% of the population. your responses are so polite and educated. greetings from Poland 🙂

  13. Sometimes getting a vegetable or fruit from another country is better then getting it from your own country. I know we have a app for it in the Netherlands. You can see what is better for the environment getting it for example from Spain or from the Netherlands. Very useful!!

  14. Wow, I live in Poland, which is so close to you and our lidls don't have that many zero waste options 😭 I envy you so much and hope there will be a change to the good in my country soon!

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