I NEED MY KIMBAP | My DIY Kimbap Recipe Vlog in Japan


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  1. I think that app is actually pretty cool no one has tryed to hit on me (tho i wouldnt have minded if they did) and they were all v nice. The only thing that buggs me is that u have to pay to add another language like WAT DO U MEAN NOPE

  2. Are you lactose intolerant B? I'm allergic to dairy but I still eat it too haha. Everytime you make food I'm always inspired to make it!
    I've used HelloTalk for both Japanese and Korean but not everyone is very willing to help with language, a lot of times people try and use it for dating which is so annoying… and usually you end up talking with people in whatever is comfortable and skip out on learning ( or at least I do)
    But I used to use Mirai Japanese which is just an app on the app store and I liked it a lot! (and its free haha)

  3. Hello Talk is actually a really good application! I think you should totally try it out seriously. ^^ I have made some nice girlfriends on there and they are all really willing to help you with your Japanese. It is not a one way street from my experience. 🙂

  4. You should try HiNative. I think Sharla did a video on it a while back, but I started using it and I really enjoy it. Not to mention there is no random men messaging you. You can use it to practice Japanese (as well as many other languages) and learn about the culture and mannerisms etc. Additionally, you can help people trying to learn about your culture and help them improve in English, or which ever language you speak. 🙂

  5. I love kimbap, I'll have to try your recipe! 😀 If you're looking for people to study Japanese with, I highly recommend an app that you may have already been told about, but it's called HiNative. It's been really useful for me. Also, just gonna put out there that I'm studying Japanese, in order to gain fluency, and pass all the JLPT tests. I would be happy to practice with you, if you're interested.

  6. Ahh you looked so happy in this vlog! I don't know what it was but you seemed very relaxed, i loved seeing you smile so much💕 Also, that kimbap looked great! Especially knowing it was your first time trying to make it (the first time i made sushi rolls… well… i basically ended up having to make something else for dinner after the mess i created hahaha)

  7. I've actually been using Hello Talk for a few months now, I like the app. When I first set up my profile, I did get random romance messages, so I went on my profile and put in caps that I wasn't looking for romance. After that, I have yet to receive any romance messages. I personally love the app now, has helped me find friends in Japan and they're more than willing to help me with learning Japanese and answering any of my questions. c:

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