Hunters Chicken Recipe – Chicken Chasseur By the French Cooking Academy


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  1. Most of the cooking videos posted by French chefs are in French. I can understand but they speak so fast and it takes time to catch up. Thanks a million to you for uploading this awesome recipe and speaking in English 🙂 Love from India!!

  2. I made this tonight — it turned out excellent! You sir, have me on a classical French cooking streak, and I'm okay with that. I vividly remember visiting Lorient; loved the people and the food. Thanks, and keep em' coming!

  3. lapin ou poulet chasseur ? Je pige vraiment pas pourquoi tu reviens ta viande a l'huile , une graisse de canard ou d'oie serait tellement meilleur… Sinon très bonne chaîne.

  4. Now I am living in France and I am so happy to find you here. Thank you for your cooking video.
    French cooking is an art and hmmm, not really simple, but your's make me feel comfortable to cook.

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