Hungarian Mushroom Soup Recipe


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  1. looks delicious..going to give it try tomorrow.Also does it taste good if i add milk instead of heavy cream?its just me trying to lose few lbs here..;-)

  2. i made this soup for dinner and it was AMAZING , all of my family loved it and we all agreed how hearty and flavourful soup it
    was! thanks chef

  3. Your soup is AWESOME!!! All my friends, co-workers and family LOVE IT!!!
    thank you! The day when I made your soup I've started new life:) It is LEGEN…wait for it… DARY – Legendary!

  4. Made this soup and it was absolutely delicious. As am on diet didn't put any butter and just one cup of milk instead of the double cream but really great result. Very tasty. Thank you

  5. Nice!

    My Polish grandmother used to make a soup just like this one, my childhood soup. But it was a little less thick and also had her own homemade pasta in it to accompany the mushrooms. Her pasta was about the shape of Tagliatelle. Sounds strange, right? 
    It was really good though, lol.

  6. I love this video. Your casual, easy going delivery takes the trepidation out of trying something new. You make cooking accessible. Thank for that. I can't wait to try the recipe. 

  7. I want to make the essence of this soup and freeze, cooking everything but leaving the cream for after defrosting and warming up. Can I? Love this soup and want to serve in a week, but mushrooms on sale this week!!

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