Huli Huli Chicken Recipe! (Hawaiian BBQ Chicken)


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  1. Greg, I love almost all your videos and have even tried several of them, but i have to admit this is the first version of huli huli chicken i have seen that didnt use pineapple juice. I"m sure it is good, but I love the sweetness that comes from the pineapple juice.

  2. The brand Aloha Shoyu™, already sells a pre-made sauce where all you have to do is put it in a spray bottle and constantly shoot the bird as you are constantly flipping the chicken, hence the name "Huli – Huli" it makes it far more easier. I have never known of actually marinating the chicken and then applying the sauce as you grill. It has always been a rotisserie style and always shooting the spray.

  3. Making this for Memorial Day. I'm also going to grill fresh pineapple on a sheet of foil with some of the teryaki sauce. I'm making Hawaiian style macaroni salad and a green salad. For dessert: Chantilly cake with strawberries. Wanna come over?

  4. This just looks so yummy! I will be cookin this one up on our Grilling Stones! I will still turn them over and over, but I won't worry about the burn. I could smell this one Greg!

  5. Greg, that looks fantastic 🙂  When Tonya and I went to Oahu, I ran into several places up on the North Shore where they were making and selling this type of chicken.  Their 'cookers' were nothing more than wood fires on the ground with stakes driven in around it in long rectangular formations with expanded metal grills on those stakes… probably about 10-12" above the fire.  They were all cooking chicken halves and the aroma of that could be enjoyed for about a half mile radius 🙂  If you ever get out to Oahu, don't miss the food opportunities on the North Shore!

  6. Looks like another great recipe! I really appreciate your channel, great stuff. I can't wait until spring here in Michigan, and the start of our grilling season.

  7. This looks AWESOME!  So, I couldn't tell for sure if you cooked the chicken mostly over the middle of the two charcoal piles or if you did some directly on top of one of the piles and then some in the middle.  Please advise?

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