How to Smoke Pulled Pork on a Drum – Easy Pulled Pork Recipe


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  1. No trimming, No injecting, No wrapping and smokey pulled pork in about 5 hours. If there is an easier way to do it please share below! Thanks for watching!

  2. Having done three Colorado KCBS comps I am at a loss for what the judges are looking for. I have been doing my Que. I was born and raised in Oklahoma and its a blend of texas heat with KC sweet. It has not been going over well. so Jason with your vast experiance in the Colorado scene … can you give me any hints on what to use. I am not opposed of using your over the counter rub / sauces.. 😛

  3. GQue BBQ
    Thanks for sharing,
    Subbed and gave you a 👍🏼. Tried your method and about 4.5-5.5 hrs she was done rested and pulled. If you get the chance stop by my channel I just started it about a month ago. If you like what you see give me the 👍🏼, like and subscribe I'd appreciate it.
    Happy & Smokin' ♨️

  4. Man Jason I'm really close to getting a uds you ever heard of outsiders bbq drums? I see your using the gateway. I'm stuck between those two. Outsiders is powder coated for better durability.

  5. I would love to try "the rub" shipping fee is not to friendly to Maryland. $15.00 is a bit steep! The price for the rub itself is a great price $9.99. I may give in and not let the wife know! Lol.

  6. Awesome stuff Jason, If you where just getting into comp bbq would you use drums? I have been running pellet in my back yard and have gotten pretty good at it. I have been reading that a lot of teams are leaving pellets for drums. Your thoughts?

  7. Right On Jason!
    There are as many ways to put out great pulled pork as there are folks who dig cooking it.
    This 'easy' method is definitely worth a try, especially for someone who has yet to Q up a pork butt.

  8. When I use my gateway the bottom of the meat side gets very thick dehydrated crust on it (from the direct heat). It's tasty but not good for pulling and slicing. Mind giving me a tip?

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