How to Smoke a Pork Butt. This BBQ Pulled Pork Recipe is Delicious!


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  1. Another great video.

    I think you're wrong on the water though…

    The stall is theoretically caused by vaporisation of water in the meat causing 2 problems- drier meat, and slower cooking.

    By maintaining a full water trough the interior of the kettle should remain more humid. This should reduce the vaporisation of water in the meat, keeping it more most and speeding up the cook.

    Same reason why you don't cool down on a humid day, the sweat doesn't evaporate, so the cooling doesn't occur.

    Expecting my theories took be shot down…😀

  2. anyone wanna donate their old BBQ? i'm using a 9" rusted broken grill and these nice grills are like hundreds of dollars ToT send me your old weber…

  3. When trying to raise your temperature of the grill did you add additional white coals or could you get enough adjustment with the air-flow (opening up the vents on the bottom and top). I have a 26” Weber and have had trouble getting the temperature above 250. I am using Kingsford charcoal.

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