How To Roast A Whole Chicken: Easy Roasted Chicken Recipe


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  1. Cooked my thanksgiving turkey beautifully this year. It was very convenient to use>>> and I was happy to not take up half my oven cooking the turkey. It cut down on my total cooking time for thanksgiving. The turkey came out moist and tender. Easy to clean after use.

  2. I made this chicken and it was indeed delicious. However, I have a question. Why the vinegar? Is it to tenderize the chicken or to add a certain distinct taste. I ask because husband picked up the slight vinegar flavor and did not like it so next time I may leave it out. Great recipe. I will definitely make it again.

  3. You a pregnant girls dream LISTEN I'm ready to go to 24hr Walmart and cook ya bake mac tonight and I'm so heart broken between all 3 I watched! I cant choice I love your recipes

  4. I'm doin this now babyyy!! North philly in the building ✌ Boy you don't know how long I been wantin to comment to you lol….you got me laughin the dramatic music. I gotta give you your props You've impressed me with your skills. Love a man who can cook 😉

  5. @phillyboyjaycookingshow2.0, you are a grown azz man, why tf would you let some ignorant azz haters stop your flow & hustle! Don't you know it was the intention of those haters to try to belittle, besmirch, & berate you to try to damper your spirit & make you stop posting videos which were loved by so many people. The devil is in the details son! Why as a grown azz man would you ever let some nobody you've never met & never will who only sits behind a keyboard & types mess ever stop you from doing your thing! Wtf kinda men we raising these generations who get so hurt & obviously broken bones not from sticks & stones but from words! Com' on bruh! For real!!! Maybe grow some additional pairs & get back on your grind! Don't ever let anyone block your blessings or halt your calling! For the love of all goodness!

  6. I LOVE this!!!!! I've made this 4 times and it never fails. Phillyboy Jay this is the world BEST without a dought. I just made this last night and people are asking me when I'm gonna do this again. I really like your videos, you explain everything very clear.

  7. Your a awesome cook. I have watched you long ago but today I subscribed. I been watching a lot of your old ones and now found your web site. Soo. As i can im going to try some of your recipes. Enjoy your videos… i been cooking since I was 12 im now 59 .. i enjoy watching other people cook. Great job…

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