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  1. these look amazing Carly!! definitely going to try the sweet potato chilli! …would you consider making a vid of high protein, vegan dinners? I love eating smoothies and salads throughout the day but recently cut my calories and realised it resulted in me not getting enough protein. So i have been trying to swap my evening starch for more protein at dinner time. I've been eating loads of homemade dahl and veg but I'm worried i will get bored of it soon! I'd love some plant based protein dinner ideas from you 🙂 🙂 so many of the vegan influences ignore the question of protein so I'm sure it would be helpful for so many people to see a video like that from you 🙂 ……also, another protein question for you – I'm considering buying some vegan protein powder (probably sunwarrior vanilla) to add to my smoothies but I'm worried it may not be healthy as it's not a wholefood – what are your thoughts on this? sorry for the super long comment haha thank you for always being amazing! xxxxx

  2. I was looking through your comments (your fans are so lovely) and I just really appreciate the effort you go through to respond to everyone. you're def one of the top women I use as inspiration to better myself^^

  3. I tryed the other day a recipe you made with a friend, it was a vegan nuts and pumpkin desert and it looked funny but it tasted amazing and made great success. I need to try that pumkin in the oven that looks amazing. Thanks for sharing =) Have a great week.

  4. Would you be so kind to at least just address the animal exploitation it takes for you to get the meat? And maybe mention the detrimental impacts animal agriculture has on the environment? If you are not aware of these, I will happily provide the information.

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