How To Make Zucchini Fritters That Taste Amazing | Rockin Robin Cooks


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  1. My wife made these after watching this vid. Outrageously delish! She made them small and served them with hot sauce. The pot luck party asked for these the next time we go! They're awfully good the next day in a veggie sandwich too! Thanks Robin!

  2. Delicious!
    I have one for you!
    1 egg, 2TBS Milk, mix with fork…1zucchini grated, (3) cups, (squeeze out liquid)… add to mixture..add 1/4 tsp salt stir well…add 1/2 Cup of flour add more if needed so mixture will hold together, add 1 garlic minced, 2TBS minced onion, pepper, 2tsp of rosemary chopped…In pan add 3TBS of Oil or butter, Fry about 2 minutes on each side until golden brown. Top with your homemade salsa. Enjoy!

  3. Hi Ms Robin! Thanks for the recipe & video! I was staring down two zucchini in the refrig wondering what to do with them when the notification of your video arrived. Problem solved! Had to check out your video on making clarified butter while the zucchini drained but these fritters were quick & easy to make. And, they were absolutely delicious. Had some with lunch while saving the remaining batter to cook and serve with supper this evening. Thanks again for the recipe & video!

  4. I'm so looking forward to getting my electric spiralizer , so that I can make courgetti & other veggies one can spiralize.. Robin could courgetti work in this, as I can no longer grate veggies ?. Ps great video.

  5. Hola, sweet adorable Robin. Comó estas, mi bella amiga? Muy Bien, gracias! Your zucchini fritters look simply amazing. Can you make gluten free peach cobbler before Thanksgiving or Christmas? Have a good day, sweet adorable Robin. Take care of yourself, cutie pie. <3

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