How to Make Zenzai and Anko (Japanese Red Bean Sweet Recipe) ぜんざいと餡子 作り方レシピ


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  1. I just made this on a very hot summer evening (41 C) and the beans were soft after boiling for 30 minutes (as per video instruction). I suppose it would take a longer time to boil the beans in winter.

  2. Okay, I just tried this and… After 3h cooking, the beans are still crunchy. I'm pretty much sure it lacks the "put it in water overnight" before using them. Because it doesn't soften at all.

  3. Thanks for the recipe chef ! I finally got my hands on some Azuki beans here in germany and made some Anko. I tasted canned Anko before, but fresh homemade + Zenzai is way better! Since christmas is comming soon and all the shops already sell christmas treets I did spice up my anko too ! I added ground cinnamon, ginger, anise and orange peel to it. Christmas-Anko 😀 ! I hope this is not a major crime in sense of tradition 😉

  4. Thanks so much! I just made some Ichigo Daifuku and Kiwi Daifuku and it was tastier than usual (and the cooking time was a lot shorter with this recipe). My only problem is that I can’t figure how to rate this video, could someone explain me please? Thanks. ^_^

  5. 素敵なビデオですね。今度は季節物をお願い出来ませんか?鰆の味噌漬け(西京焼き)とか、たけのこの煮物とか・・。鰆の西京焼きのレシピが見つからなくて。

  6. just revised this video. time passed. feel lucky that that this moment our dearest chief is still with us and brings us so many good recipes. thanks!

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