How to Make Yakitori at home (Yakitori Sauce from Scratch Recipe) やきとりの作り方 (タレ&塩 レシピ)


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  1. Yaki – grilled. Tori – chicken. Where does the word "fried" show up? This is an insult to all Yakitori Shokunin and the poor chickens that they kill for our pleasure. Binchotan charcoal is the way to do this. Never fried.

  2. so.. in the video where there's her husband, she said that usually they don't cook the chicken after they put the tare sauce on it.. will it work well in this one as well? like, cooking the sauce longer so it'd be thicker but didn't cook it any longer?

  3. Hi Ochikeron, thanks for sharing and show us how to. I enjoy your videos and your babygirl is really cute…. ..
    sure gonna try this next BBQ party, wonder if you have a recipe for small little squids /cuttlefish on a skewer on the grill…I love them so much but my favorite dining place took them off the menu so I wanne try them myself. .thanks

  4. I just made it and it came out sooo good. But it's quite different from the one used at restaurants here. Yakitori comes with a thicker but lighter sauce. Does it have another name or there's another sauce used for yakitori?

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