How to Make WORLD BEST MEATBALLS | Italian Meatballs Recipe


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  1. One of my favorite Italian dishes, not small, crap meatballs on crap pasta. Real, large meatballs eaten as they are meant to be eaten. I always adored when my mom would make her's, though she only used beef. This reminds me of it nonetheless.

  2. I definately should stop watching your videos at work. Now I am hungry at work (Here in Switzerland it is said: Allora si lavora!)….

    One day I will come slim to Australia and leaving Australia with some extra kilos (or so called "Love handles)!!

    Please say Hello! to Nonna Igea, your mother and Suzanne – Merry Christmas to all of you!!
    Love you too!!

  3. No matter how well I cook something, you make it look better. Takes skill to make meatballs in such similar size by hand. I use a medium or large cookie scoop, depending on the size meatball I need. Now I want meatballs, but I have tripe defrosting to make this weekend. Guess I have to suffer eating it all by myself again.

  4. Cio Vincenzo, my grandmother and my mother always made their meat balls like you! So familiar to me even I make them that way, but i use beef and pork, because i don't eat veal or lamb. I love the size of your balls, I make mine just a bit bigger and i do not fry them i place them into the sauce to cook, they come out soft and lovely tasting. Thank you for sharing i hope to see you one day in Italy! Then perhaps we will test the size of our balls:)👀👍😂

  5. Wow, those meatballs looked super tender and full of flavor. I've never tried meatballs with carrots and celery in the mix. We usually use garlic and onion in my family. I"m gonna give your recipe a try!!! Thanks for sharing Vincenzo! BTW, your sauce looked heavenly brother! Cheers to ya!

  6. Vincenzo, it's time for me to change my recipe from all beef, to ground veal and pork! You've inspired me! Also, it's for me to try the your combo of pecorino and parmesan, like you did! I agree, everything tastes better fried, especially when fried in olive oil! I can't wait to make these meatballs your way, or as my grandma used to say, "meat-a-balls!"

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