How To Make Vegetarian Ramen (Recipe) ベジタリアンラーメンの作り方(レシピ)


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  1. This recipe looks awesome!! I can't wait to try it!! In my area we have several ramen shops, but the lines are normally down the block and around the corner. ? Looking forward to making on our time!! Do you recommend double or tripling the ingredients to make for a group or making them one by one? Thanks!!!

  2. I don't know much about cooking, but I love ramen. Never in a million years would I have thought that soy milk tastes good with ramen. Thank you for broadening my horizons.

  3. Sorry but i do not believe this is vegetarian. Kimchi is fermented usually with a certain seafood
    usualy has shrimp or anchovies. So this is not a vegetarian ramen.

  4. Hi Nami San, I would love to see some stir fry udon videos (if you haven't done so). Also I am leaving this comment for entering the giveaway you recently posted…. Can you please advise if this will qualify me for one of the four tickets?

  5. Great recipe! I'm making it today 😀 Quick question – with the toppings for the Ramen, do they go in cold? such as the ramen egg, Kimchi, sweetcorn etc?

  6. I'm so happy to find your channel Namiko Chen! I love how you teach the recipes: right to the point, made simple and with a very pleasant presentation (I mean, the way the process is shown, filmed beautifully, the music is also very nice!). Thank you!

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