How to Make Vegetarian Enchiladas | Hilah Cooking


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  1. Eww.. microwaved tortillas. He needs a drink because those were the wrong way to make them. Same recipe, but fry the tortilla for just a bit. Then submerge them in the salsa, then place the guac inside.

  2. Hilah, i have been using this recipe ever since you shared it and I never get tired of it!! I have to say, this is the best recipe for me that I have come across youtube hands-down. LOVE it!!!! Thank you sooo much!

  3. I tried these and they are very tasty. I used jalapeños removing the seeds and ribs instead of serrano's cause I'm a wimp. I also used a little less chile d arbol in the sauce again cause I'm a wimp. The sauce reminded me of a salsa a Mexican restaurant gave us with chips from my childhood. 👍

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