How to Make Vegetarian Curry Rice (Recipe) ベジタリアンのためのカレーライス (レシピ) (GIVEAWAY CLOSED)


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  1. Wow, thanks for sharing this 🙂 More Japanese vegetarian recipes please!! Also please share any products in Japan suitable for vegetarians/vegans 🙂

  2. I only cooked my veggies for 10 minutes because the potatoes felt really soft (potatoes, carrots, onions), but when I turned the heat off to add the curry seasoning, the water turned mushy and the potatoes sort of disintegrated. I had to add another splash of water but the sauce still came out thick and pastey. Did I do something wrong?

  3. Hello starting to diet soon and looking at japanese food recipes gives me.ideas on what to.make i also noticed how colorful and visually appealing japanese food looks even if its.simple makes me wish i lived in japan i live in america and the food does not look as visually appealing haha is that weird for saying that? Im white and also 19 im probably gonna.turn into an on and off vegetarian cause i still like meat sort of c: anyhow loved this video 😀

  4. I have been vegetarian for over 25 years or more and dairy free on top of that for about 10 years… almost vegan….I love Veggie Curry Rice!……Oishii desu ne? Arigato!

  5. I love Japanese curry! I've actually found a few vegetarian curry roux blocks and mixes at my grocery store. I was surprised I didn't have to go to a Asian market or a vegan grocery store.

  6. Hi! I was a vegetarian from birth and I think this is really useful, because my cousin married a Japanese over a year ago, and we are vegetarian.. So he can't eat the curry from Japan, so with this recipe I can make him feel at home! thank you!

  7. I randomly clicked on your channel on YT, OMG how on earth did I miss your channel for so long???? You have a wonderful selection of recipes and I'm totally subscribing!!! Your way of presenting recipes, cleanliness and perfection is just amazing!!! Now I'm just hooked up on YT checking your recipes!!! Btw, what kind of rice is that on the side that u've used?

  8. Thank you so much for adding this recipe. I have actually been wondering if there was a vegetarian curry roux out there. I hope I am able to find the curry roux that you were using for this video locally. Can't wait to try this!

  9. Winners will be announced in this description box as soon as the winners are set 🙂
    I will be away today, so maybe tomorrow… sorry about this. i want to take time to read comments <3

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