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  1. I was surprised to have this show up in my feed, being a dogmatically anti-new-age carnist that revels in a bloody steak; the bloodier the better. Yet, the claim that one COULD make pulled-pork out of something that so clearly WASN'T intrigued me and now…I sort of what to do it. Making an "insane culinary ideas" playlist, this is going at the top. I'll let you know how it goes.

  2. Wow! Thank you for this recipe! I am so blown away. This couldn't have been any easier . Banana Peel sandwiches will be something we eat weekly. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  3. Pork makes me incredibly sick, so this is a welcome replacement! 🙂 definitely going to try this sometime!
    Now if I could only find a good vegan/vegetarian fried chicken. I still haven't been able to put poultry down.

  4. Beautiful option! I love your version, I do a similar version in my slow cooker using half jackfruit and my kids love it!
    You can add an Asian flare with a different sauce and its bomb on rice!
    Go vegetarian has brought my food budget down 25% and we are not missing anything

  5. *Everyone that came here from juliens video (like myself)*
    I too was like “why would anyone eat this” HOWEVER I watched her video and Julien didn’t use any BBQ which probably made his super bland and the texture off… I just made this and am literally shook at how close to pulled pork it taste like !
    It’s def a mind over matter thing getting over the thought that I’m eating a banana peel, when we’re always taught as kids to not eat that. But OMG this is legit good !

  6. So it is better to use peel of banana's that are not too ripe. But what do you do with the (not ripe enough) banana? Will that be the new waste, instead of the peel? I always use (very) ripe banana's, in smoothies, cakes, etc. No idea what to do with underripe banana's, except maybe use in savoury dishes?

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