How to Make Vegan Pizza: Healthy Greek Pizza Recipe | Kenmore


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  1. Yeah, all that olive oil is definitely bad news.  Just 1 TBS of olive oil reduces blood flow by 30% for up to 8 hours (peer reviewed research).  They tested olive oil, butter, and other fat sources and ALL gave the same results.  Clogs your arteries, bad for sex, brain, heart, etc.

  2. By far the worst tasting pizza I ever ate! This was the first time ever that no one wanted a second slice and the leftovers went down the garbage disposal before the pizza even had a chance to get cold.

  3. fats aren't all equal just like how all sugars aren't equal. Do you think 30g of bacon fat has the same effect on you as 30g of olive oil fats? the answer is no, olive oil has no bad cholesterol and it is easily metabolize by your body into usable energy and it also helps moisturise your skin and lubricate your joints. Olive oil does not clog your arteries as it does not have bad cholesterol, in fact it helps to unclog them.

  4. Too much Olive oil. The Forks Over Knives movie really vegecated me and taught me that oils- whether it be olive, vegatable, etc., is still oil. Oil equals fat. Thus fat equals clogged arteries and cardiovascular illnesses. I highly recommend everyone watch that movie. Vegans tend to use alot of what I call "frankenstein food" fake chicken, fake beef, ect. which tends to be very high in sodium and carbohydrates. Please look into a whole-foods, plant-based diet <3 this is much healthier.

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