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  1. I'm so excited! I'm getting this book for Christmas!! My inlaws sent us some money to get ourselves gifts from them (they live a province away, so we don't see them more than about once a year), so my friend and I are going to Chapters, tonight, so I can pick it up, and make this very recipe for Christmas dinner!!! Woohoo!!

  2. #Cruelty free Christmas is the BEST Christmas.
    Merry Christmas for everyone.
    Now its just a year ago that I tried to go Vegan (through my Sisters effort) and now I can say that I didn't regret it in any ways. Just saying, in a year time I've lost 120 pounds with just changing what I ate, what is a more beautiful Gift for myself than healthcare? None. That is the best Gift I could have given myself and I am thankful for everyone who decided to be Vegan and stop this support of outmost cruelty. Thank you all and thank you Gaz for your super nice recipes, they are enriching my life and especially my taste buds.

  3. Great recipe! Do you think I could finish this roast on a kamado-style barbecue? I'm thinking of an end sear: 15 minutes by indirect heat and then searing it over direct heat. This, of course, for some extra smokiness.

  4. I'm not sure what I did wrong but mine had an almost bubble gum chewiness and texture. I did everything exactly as it says in the book I just recently purchased. Does all wheat gluten "meat" have this bubble gum like chewiness? I haven't been vegan very long but I think I'll avoid these types of things in the future.

  5. OMG We ordered the Christmas book yesterday and it arrived today! It is amazing! You couldn't possibly miss anything from a traditional Christmas meal as it is all in this book -and more! Sooo excited to make Christmas dinner this year. Ditch Delia – Gaz is the future!

  6. Somebody help me decide – should I make this or Gaz's Wellington for Christmas? Wellington seems to be bit more appetizing, but we're going to be visiting my girlfriend's family on 24th and my family on 25th (and we need food for both) so my guess is that something with a puff pastry won't be that good the day after. Can anyone recommend one of those two?

  7. I'd love to serve this on Christmas but I don't think my copy of the book will arrive on time. Does anyone have the book already and would care to share the exact measurements for the recipe?

  8. This looks very good, however, I need it gluten free. So I was thinking, not being a chef or anything; but could it possibly be made with finely diced portobellos, gf flour and some tapioca flour or arrowroot along with your other ingredients to hold it together?

  9. I really enjoy your videos and have cooked many meals from your 'Vegan 100' cookbook. You take vegan to a whole new, and gorgeous, level. Dinner guests are always wowed. I noticed in your videos you also always make airquotes whenever you say 'beef' etc. Haha! I say, You know you're vegan when you put " " around the foods you make! Merry cruelty-free Christmas. All best wishes from NY!

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