How To Make Veg Seekh Kebab | Popular Veg Starter Recipe | The Bombay Chef – Varun Inamdar


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  1. Hi Varun. Can we store these kababs in freezer? If yes, for how many days? As I have 2 years old baby. When he feels hungry he doesn't let me breath and I can't prepare them on the spot due to lack of time.
    Regards Jaswinder

  2. Hai Varun, I love the way u make pleats for Modak, it's easy for u but hard for me, I tried it out , but making pleats is really hard so I got many shapes. Thank u for ur videos

  3. With veg recipe can we replace chicken curry or fish curry for lunch (rice ). We need curry for rice on fasting days. Also kindly advise me with which veggie can we replace shredded chicken for sandwiches.?

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