How to make Upma (Upittu) Video Recipe- Indian Vegetarian Recipes by Bhavna


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  1. this is kichadi , not upma..we south Indians don't add vegetables for upma..I follow bhavanas recipes , but she makes upma look very complicated …

  2. Are we here to see how one is speaking English or whatever? Why don't you just learn and put your good comment for someone who is making so much effort?
    I bet that Mita might not even know how to make tea

  3. Even better, she says – adjust the consistency of the water Lol. Anyone can tell she is faking an accent because her grammar is all messed up. Good recipes though. Would be nice if she was original.

  4. Now that I've read the comments I don't understand the big deal about the onion. To correct everyone she said " vegetables of your CHOICE and most COMMONLY used vegetables are… " =/

  5. nope, this is way too oily, instead of roasting the rava like that, why not roast it in the non-stick pan at the very beginning and then in another pan start off with the oil, cumin seeds and vegetables, once the vegetables are done, add the roasted rava and then water, this way the oil used would be minimum, and one more thing, instead of cumin seeds, try using mustard seeds and also add a bit of curd before adding water

  6. I really liked the fun part of this video. The way you assembled the upma on plate looked so good. Thanks for posting….& yes you do look very cute in this dress!

  7. @SuperVeggieDelight …yes, no raisins. and also you didn't add the onion, even though it said onion in the recipe list. i made mine last night without onion and it was delicious. thank you. very big dish for just one cup of sooji! cheap and tasty dish 🙂

  8. very good cooking and presentation. i like listening to you since you speak naturally. some ppl fake the accent and it becomes so unpleasant. i like u bcz u keep it real. thanks for this great video.

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