How To Make Tortilla Soup | Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe


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  1. coming from someone born & raised mexican please DO NOT put a whole tortilla to blend lmao tortilla soup is called tortilla soup because of the fried tortillas you add on top . the base is made from garlic tomato & onion you dont grill it until you gonna make salsa & you dont remove the seeds thats the point of the chile &
    you use queso fresco not shredded cheese

  2. I just find your channel! I love Mexican food and the way you explain your recipes make me wanna really try to cook it. Ohh and your voice!!! Something special right there. Felicitaciones!

  3. I have no need for the food network when I can watch your channel; cause girl you got it going on !!! Thank you so much for making this recipe of Tortilla soup as per my request. Looks delicious. You are an amazing cook. I really appreciate how you listen & communicate with your viewers & try to make what we request. That's really nice of you. Your awesome. Keep up the good work.

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