How to Make Tortellini – Italian Recipes – UKTV Food


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  1. Italians, as i am, are very susceptibles about our traditions and traditional food, and when you say something just a lil different from what we learnt from our grandmom we wont forgive it, especially if it is for people from other countries.

    To these people i'd say: here you have a way to make em, give it a try as probably its worth it, but dont ever think that when you tasted a kind you tasted em all.
    Never stop exploring and appreciating the complexity and variety of italian food.

  2. To be honest, when searching, and seeing the Preview-Pic at first, i thought an old italian Mama was cooking this, and was a little bit disappointed when the Video Started 😉 but all fine. Nice Cooking! Thanks for Posting!

  3. So Mario, evrybody is free to cook whatever they like, this guy is cooking all but capelletti and italian cuisine … and he have non title or right to teach italian cuisine… because is not cooking italian cuisine… but cuisine by Locatelli… 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Do you understand now?… 🙂 🙂 :)..

  4. @krysantemo HAHA no, you definitely lost me there. I pick up words here and there because I speak spanish. I'll have to check my "Italian for dummies" book. =)

  5. mai visti cappelletti fatti col pollo..ahahaha e con salume che dovrebbe chiamarsi Bologna in Italia.. ahhahha per favore se questo é un grande chef italiano io sono Vissani… .. e poi tutti quei cappelli ciondolanti qua e là… questo cuoco é libero di cucinare come meglio crede, ma non si spacci per un cuoco italiano che pratica cucina italiana..c'é solo che da ridere..Comprende Mario1057?

  6. You don't have to make something exact, everyone changes recipes slightly and that's what makes them individual. If you don't like him watch something else. Also you're not eating his food knob heads, who gives a fuck if his hair falls in it.

  7. he calls them cappelletti which is not the same as tortellini, he is from lombardy – NOT a pasta region, oh and his long hair bothers me too!!

    Americans call it Bologna , not Italians btw!

    bread, why bread??

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