How To Make Tonkatsu (Japanese Pork Cutlet Recipe)


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  1. HI TabiEats! Yes, Tonkatsu is delicious:)  We made this last night, your directions were so easy to follow. Thank you!  We had this w/kim Chee and pickled daikon. We can't have catchup so I just did a mild teriyaki sauce, it was good.

  2. Hello from Toronto! Loved the video guys! Could you please make katsudon in a video? I love your tutorials and commentary and I would really really love to see you make that dish. <3 Alex

  3. it's nice to see you guys cooking. tonkatsu it's definitely delicious. I'd once make your Japanese style curry with tonkatsu on top. that was my best lunch ever. epic.

  4. I originally took your recipe for this when you made tonkatsu onigiri (which I also made and was so good…)
    I actually make this quite often while in university as its cheap and quick – the only thing I substitute is the panko breadcrumbs – while it's for the recipe, since I'm a coeliac I have to change it to a gluten free crumb – but it's still delicious, especially with the tonkatsu sauce. – Thanks for the recipe again guys!

  5. とんかつ美味しいですよね~私も大好きです!和からし付きは最高です!!しかし、それよりもさらに好きなのはかつ丼です(笑)かつ丼編も楽しみにしています^^

  6. 質問です!
    母はトンカツを作る時、The consistency is off. The panko part is like… not fluffy? And when you cut it, the panko falls off. Do you have any tips?

  7. Ah, this looks so good! I'll have to try this with seitan. There's a place in LA called M Cafe de Chaya that used to make seitan katsu, but they took it off their menu. Thanks so much for the recipe!

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