How to Make Tonjiru (Japanese Pork and Vegetable Miso Soup Recipe) 豚汁 作り方レシピ


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  1. this is one of my husband's favorites. i remember we used to make this soup together back to college and watching this video today certainly remind me of these days. i am going to go shopping now and hopefully i will get all the stuff so i can make it again tonight.

  2. I've been making this dish for years, ever since my japanese aunt taught it to me since it's such a meat and potatoes(literally) staple in Japanese cuisine. It's really insanely easy to make, as the video describes it's just cutting these particular vegetables and pork (or other thin sliced meat but pork is ideal.) and boiling them in the order described. It's actually hard to mess it up, and it's really good for you if you can get the ingredients (Which could be tricky) really give it a try.

  3. Can I go the the restaurant and then take my wallet out … I mean , i don't want to go to the restaurant with wallet in hand , i'd look a bit silly.

  4. 今日の東京は雪が降ったり止んだりで寒かったので、こちらのレシピで豚汁を作りました。美味しくできました。ありがとうございます。

  5. I bought konnyaku and miso and I was looking for a recipe that had both ingredients and OF COURSE I had to find it with you guys. I love you <3
    I watch your videos religiously <3

  6. i make miso soup with any vegatables or meat i have in the fridge, i love it with potato added too. im sure it all has a japanese name but i call it miso soup. i made a simple dish with cabbage,carrot and potato but added miso in the broth, it was delicious.

  7. well I for one treat Rei being a vegetarian non-canon because it's just so nonsensical 😉

    don't remember the scene you mention though, rebuild didn't leave much of an impression on me


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