How to make those Chinese fried crispy noodles even better than a restaurant! – Marion's Kitchen


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  1. Simpler and less greasy way – cook noodle in boiling water for a few minutes, drain, spread out on George Forman Grill, panini press or air fryer etc. with or without a spritz of oil. Prepare & cook the toppings while crisping the noodle.

  2. thank you thank you thank you….i'm from Berkeley, California….since leaving The Greater Bay Area along with my son i have been looking for the pan fried noodles we were used to getting. your recipe made me do the happy dance. thank you thank you thank you again. we were so spoiled with all the different Asian restaurants in our neighborhood and across the bridge. fabulous. i can just taste the crunch. yippee skippee

  3. Hello Miss Marion I LOVE your recipes, you are The Best! I have a quick question about that Shaoxing wine. Mine is clear or WHITE and yours looked…brown (but clear), why is that?

  4. Have made this many times and it's fantastic, a wonderful recipe. I watch your videos with my kids all the time and we are big fans 🙂 Thank you Marion and Mama Noi, sending our appreciation to you from Vancouver, Canada!

  5. We always get this from our local Chinese restaurant where its called Pan Pan Noodles. I made this recipe and it was better than theirs. Added in snow peas, mushrooms and spicy sesame oil at the end. 2 thumbs up!

  6. You never cease to amaze me, your confidence in cooking and mouth watering descriptions are right on and make everything sound so desirable to try at home. Thank you and keep on cooking! 🌹

  7. Oh, this is lovely. And yes, moisture is key in the crispy department – too much and it's too gummy, like some fresh egg noodles. Something along the almost dry types would work well, and those small nests of Cantonese-style dried egg noodles yield yummy results, though these may need some shallow/deep frying depending on the noodle block shape. Also, tried using rice vermicelli and it was light and airy – much like Japanese senbei, though it does love to get soggy after a while so fast munching is required. Lol.

    Solid crispy noodle sauce recipe. Keep up the good work Marion! <3

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