How to make THOM KEM | BRAISED PORK & EGGS | House of X Tia x Chef Ann Ahmed of Lemongrass


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  1. Made this dish and it’s just like how my momma makes it! I am very particular when it comes to this dish and I am so happy it’s quick and easy! Plus the quail eggs are soooo much better than having to boil eggs and all that! Thanks so much for the recipe xoxo

  2. So I made this yesterday and the soup is so black. I remember the soup to be a more lighter Brown when I was a kid. Did I do something wrong? I used the exact ingredients in the video.

  3. We Vietnamese have a traditional dish that looking almost like this (but we don't add star anise) and is commonly eaten on Lunar New Year, but of course people eat it as daily meal as well. It's called Thịt kho tàu. Anyway great video Tia!

  4. Oh my gosh, you look like a girl I dated from Laos. She could cook. She had the exact same expressions and kindness you have. We went our separate ways. I must say, my family loves your dishes. By all means, keep up the vids. We love the energy you have for your dishes. Thank you.

  5. This is one of my favorites. Of course you know that this dish is called doam kaem or "boiled salt" when translated 😀 Just a suggestion, instead of cooking the pork in a separate pot you could just place it boiling water/blanch it for five minutes or so to get the impurities out. Another thing is to add cilantro to this as a finisher/garnish. Awesome video as always!

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