How To Make The Perfect Snails In Garlic Butter


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  1. I can see that dumb stereotypes are still difficult to erase. Anglosaxons are a bunch of douches, for the most. Maybe 2 % of the French eat these things. You have more chances to see average French in pizzerias, steak houses, or kebabs, than in this kind of high gastronomic places. Come in the real world, bunch of clowns. And clean your brains of your frog legs, snails, and other hairy women craps. We are in 2014, not in 1924. Boring, after a while.

  2. technically, you can just make sure to clean them and feed them nothing but corn meal for about 1 or 2 weeks. But you can also get snails in specialty stores. Which is more sanitary. You can always order them online.

  3. Part 2– "Grilling" is a dry heat method of cooking where the food is cooked over coals or an open flame. Following this instruction, it would seem you're actually "baking" the food. Of course, most ovens do have a "broil" function as well. However, "broiling" is not synonymous with "grilling," as broiling is cooking from OVERhead, typically with flame.

  4. Part 1–The author (of this video content) really needs to get their terminology straight. First they tell you to turn on the "grill part" of the oven, during which it shows someone turning on the part of the oven known as the "burner" or "stove top". Then at the end, it instructs you to finish the recipe by "grilling" inside the oven. This term is used wrong both times.

  5. Id try it but its kinda gross, but if you think about it there similar to eating mussels or oysters except they dont roam the sea there found on land.

  6. best time is a fter a heavy rain shower, if it been raining for a while you can try after its stops and you should find some, better to go to a parc or forest dough.

  7. lol ppl like you have no taste at all, go back to your hot dogs and burgers cause when you talk like a child you do yourself no favour.Sure it may be not to your liking but to talk trash about something you have no concept of just goes to show your limited thinking.

  8. You put some rotten food nearby and by the middle of the night they'll come out with the cockroaches, slugs, earwigs, and other critters. You can catch the with sticky tape. Oh, you might wanna lay some mouse traps, and then you can throw a big dinner party, and invite all your pretentious friends over and listen to "Vide Cor Meum", and Barbara Striesand music. Then you can all retire to your living room to listen to the ramblings of Sean Penn, or maybe Susan Sarandon, and Hugo Chavez.

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