How to Make the BEST Vegan Southern Fried “Chicken” Recipe- Quick and Easy!


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  1. I wish my parents were this supportive.. besides the endless lectures they legit try to push me into eating meat! Plus, they'll exclude me from any meal.. "If you want to eat plants then cook your own food, no one's making a vegan version for you."
    Jesus christ. -_-

  2. Beautiful family, spirit and great recipe. Moved a bit too fast though, had to playback multiple times to follow the steps with you. Either way I thoroughly enjoyed the video and look forward to more videos.

  3. I'm so depressed because I keep using this recipe from the Edgy Vegan for Bonafied Popeyes fried chicken. I am following the recipe to a T and my dough will not stretch. I have never made dough before this recipe and so I don't know what it's supposed to look like or how long I should knead. I watched your video and my dough is not stretchy like yours and more like play dough when it's almost dry but still a little wet. It breaks apart quickly. I feel like his will be a fail again unless someone can tell me how to make this dough like elastic. Help???

  4. I'm going vegan for health reasons and I knew the hardest food for me to give up would be fried chicken. Thank God for you and your recipe I will definitely be making this soon!!!

  5. Thanku for this post!! looks really yummy!!! what seasoning was used in the flour please?? have never made a seasoned flour for dipping things in…would really like to make this 😉 bought some gluten flour but nobody could tell me how to use it;( but now i kinda do >..<

  6. I was just about to try making seitan this weekend for the first time and now I feel comfident it won't be time consuming or difficult. Thanks, delightful to watch. 🙂

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